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Молитва за мир у Свято-Покровському кафедральному соборі Львівської єпархії Української Православної Церкви Київського Патріархату (Libertas)

До Львова завітає Директор Центру Міжрелігійного Діалогу ім. Івана Павла ІІ Рабин Джек Бемпорад (LvivCityCouncil)

Календар подій Львівської міської ради на 07.05.2013 (LvivCityCouncil)

Центр міжконфесійного та міжрелігійного діалогу у Львові співпрацюватиме з учасниками програм Європейського Союзу (LvivCityCouncil)

«Лібертас» прагне до міжрелігійного діалогу (ГромадськийПростір)

Центр міжконфесійного діалогу хоче відкрити дім престарілих у Львові (zaxid.net)

Во Львов прибудет муфтий Украины шейх Ахмед Тамим (НовостиЛьвова)

На відкриття Центру Міжконфесійного та Міжрелігійного Діалогу до Львова прибуде Муфтій України (Galinfo)

Inauguration Program of the Libertas Center (Lviv, Ukraine)

Програма інавгурації Центру (Лібертас)

A Center for Interconfessional and Interreligious Dialogue to be opened in Lviv, Ukraine (Ukraine LIBERTAS CENTER)

АНОНС: Міжконфесійний та міжрелігійний діалог започатковують у Львові. (Україна)



Challenges for the new Pope: Latin America, vital for the future of the Catholic Church

2013-03-11 02:48:24

March 11,2013 (Romereports.com) Statistics show that the future of the Catholic Church has a Latin American heart. Almost half of all Catholics in the world are from that region. A fact the new Pope needs to keep in mind.

The Church is the most esteemed Institution in the continent. The Catholic Church is active in the fight against the exploitation of the poor, illegal commerce, unjust laws against immigrants and the disintegration of the family.

The challenge is to go beyond Catholicism as simply a cultural factor, but one that is personal and faith based.

General Secretariat of the Pontifical Council for Latin America
“The greatest challenge for the Church does not come from the outside. In Latin America the greatest challenge is how the faith is celebrated, how it's lived out, communicated and evangelized.”

The only trip the new Pope will have already set up is to Rio of Janeiro, to lead World Youth Day at the end of July. The trip could very well include stops in different countries.

General Secretariat of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America
“I also hope that within his first year, the new Pope will visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is extremely important as an intercessor for the countries in Latin America, for the countries in North America and as a universal intercessor for the good of the Church.”

In addition, the next Pope needs be attentive to Latin America, so its voice is heard at the Vatican.

General Secretariat of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America
"The new Pope will most likely continue to carry forward the guidelines set forth by Pope Benedict XVI which he entrusted to the Pontifical Commission for Latin America. The goal is to strengthen the bonds with Latin America and the communion with the churches there. Latin America is extremely important for the Catholic Church since it is composed by 46% of the Catholics around the world.”

Latin America could also lead by example by sharing its common values of family, generosity, sacrifice and their openness in celebrating Christian traditions. These are common values the new Pope and Successor of St. Peter can count on.

JMB @javierMbrocal / JG